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Loan Products

Our loan products are designed to meet your personal and business needs.

Personal Loan.jpg

A short to medium-term loan specifically for salary earners and individuals with verifiable, sustained, and guaranteed cash flow. You only need a few documents to apply and may use the personal loan as you see fit to achieve your goals.

Berkshire Personal Loan (BPL)

Asset Finance.jpg

This is designed to finance long-term assets and equipment for Individuals and MSMEs and repay in instalment. Examples of assets include motor vehicles, generating set, tricycle, farm machinery, etc. Customer are required to make a minimum equity contribution of the total cost of the asset, while Berkshire finances the balance. Ownership of the asset would be held jointly by the customer and Berkshire for the duration of the loan. Full ownership is given to the customer after complete repayment of the facility.

Berkshire Asset Finance (BAF)

Discounting Finance.jpg

This is designed to help MSMEs draw money against invoices issued for completed contracts before payment is received from your creditors.

Berkshire Invoice Discounting Finance (BIF)


This is designed to allow businesses obtain credit using investments domiciled in Berkshire.

Berkshire Cash Collaterised
Loans (BCL)

Working Capital.jpg

This is designed to provide MSMEs with short term financing solutions to enable them finance or purchase long-term assets or investments including accounts payable, salaries & wages and general operational purposes.

Berkshire Working Capital (BWC)

Purchase Order.jpg

This is designed to finance individual and MSMEs that require funds to execute LPOs, Work Orders, and Contracts from reputable companies.

Berkshire LPO Finance (BLF)

Project Finance
Project Finance.jpg

Berkshire is well positioned to support/co-finance key infrastructure projects in line with regulatory approved limits that will be repaid through the underlying project cashflow, our focus in the mid-to-long term is to finance projects promoted by mid-sized corporates.

Project Finance

Intervention Funds

Development of supporting documents required for accessing working capital needs, asset acquisition and business expansion facilities.

Intervention Funds

Experiencing an ecosystem of advisory services

Advisory Solutions

Explore this to access our bouquet of advisory solutions which provide requisite expertise to support the growth of your business.

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